pureWash Pro Detergent Less Laundry System


pureWash Pro – Detergent Less Laundry System

pureWash Pro transforms the water going into your washing machine by infusing the oxidizing power of ozone, which dissolves and removes residue to clean and deodorize your laundry. Brings large scale hospital technology into your home in a compact and easily installed system.

Save Money Using Little to No Detergent and Less Energy

pureWash uses ozone to clean your clothes with less detergent and needs only cold water, which reduces energy used heating water – saving you money with every wash!

Eliminate Smelly Washer Syndrome

Using pureWash will diminish odors caused by bacteria and mold in the washing machine. Go ahead, close your washer door.


  • Needs Only Cold Water
    • Oxygenated water cleans clothing using cold water only. Simply set your wash cycle to COLD and enjoy a simpler laundry routine. Pre-treatment of tough stains using pureWash Pre recommended.
  • Works with Any Washer
    • Front-load or top-load? No problem. pureWash Pro connects to any washer with standard USA water hoses.
  • Quick & Easy Install
    • Install pureWash Pro yourself in 15 minutes. Simply connect to the local power outlet, the cold water source in your laundry room and the washing machine.
  • Mix Your Light & Dark Clothes
    • There’s no need for separate loads thanks to the patented, super- oxygenated water process. It’s equally effective with all colors mixed together.


  • Dimensions: 12.25” H x 16.4“ W x 3.75” D
  • Weight: 5.5lb
  • Voltage AC 100-240V | 50-60Hz
  • Voltage DC 12V | 3A