Beautyrest Quintessence Twin XL

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Beautyrest Quintessence Twin XL

Beautyrest Quintessence Goodness Tight Top Firm Mattress. Beautyrest® QuintessenceTM provides the comfort of modern luxury. Upgrade your sleeping experience to one of modern luxury. Beautyrest® QuintessenceTM is a ground-breaking innovation that focuses on exquisite comfort, improved cooling, and better support. As a result, you’ll get a wonderful cradling sensation that will help you to drift away to sleep. The tri-blend comfort fibers used to give the most luxurious feel are a signature of this line. The natural materials used to make this ultra-luxe comfort layer are cashmere, wool, and alpaca. These high-quality materials naturally give increased breathability and ventilation throughout the mattress, as well as cushioning and conforming to your body’s contour.

The Quintessence collection’s WinterCool System consists of four unique cooling technologies:

  • WinterCool™ Fabric Treatment Helps you sleep comfortably at the right temperature.
  • WinterCool™ Quilt Fiber Antimicrobial and breathable for a clean and cool sleep.
  • WinterCool™ Tri-Fiber™ Natural cashmere, silk and alpaca fibers for a hypoallergenic and luxurious feel.
  • WinterCool™ Carbon Foam Conducts heat away from the body for a cool sleep surface.

And for you all night ultimate support every quintessence model features the revolutionary Beautyrest® T3 Pocketed Coil® Precision Support System. T3 Pocketed Coils provide additional support in the center third of your body, where it is most needed. Each T3 Pocketed Coil® responds to your body independently, preventing motion transfer and providing continuous pressure relief throughout the night for a five-star sleep experience.

Because we believe Sleep is the Ultimate Luxury.

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