Cookware Event

We are open this weekend & we have a cookware deal!

Open 10am – 4pm Friday & Saturday Nov 18th & 19th

Stoneline 8pc Cookware set

Stoneline 8pc Cookware set
$135 ea

8pc set includes:
2 frying pans, 3 pots & 3 lids

Stoneline 4pc Cookware set

4pc set includes: 2 pots & 2 lids

Stoneline 2pc Frying Pan
Set $29ea

Frying Pans sizes 16-32cm

$8 – $24ea

Square Griddles sizes 26-32cm

$20 – $28ea

Stoneline 2pc Frying Pan

Assorted Pots & Roasters – $22 – $55ea

Induction Cooker – $39ea

Beyond ALL-IN-ONE Pot – $29ea

3pc Utensil Set – $6 ea


STONELINE pots and pans have a unique, high-quality coating with non-stick properties and a tough, scratch-resistant cooking surface.

The PFOA-free coating containing particles of real stone allows healthy and non-fat cooking, prevents food from sticking and is easy to clean.

* Healthy and non-fat frying, just like on a natural hot stone
* Non-stick, no scorching
* Extremely hard and tough scratch-proof coating
* Easy Clean, inside and outside
* Suitable for all cookers, even induction


All remaining Mens Clothing has now been reduced:

Pants & Long Sleeve Shirts $15 ea
Short Sleeve Shirts $10 ea
Shorts $8ea
Suit Jackets/Blazers $42 ea
Vests $10 ea ~ Belts $6 ea
Raincoats $37 ea ~ Socks $3 ea
Pocket Squares $1 ea
Tie’s $5 ea ~ Tie Clips $3 ea

~Items may not be exactly as shown~